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About Winn:
I am a Mother to three beautiful children. Each of these blessings came with different breastfeeding challenges. Sadly, at the time I had no one to trust or turn to when I needed it the most. So I began researching and attending school to help those around me. I graduated from College as a registered nurse and delved into the world of families. I continued to focus my work on nursing and was able to obtain my International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) while working within a pediatric clinic.

I believe that all of us are strong and powerful, when you are given the opportunity to understand your body and become comfortable within it, it is a sacred moment for me. Helping a new parent navigate the sometimes rocky waters of feeding their children is one my greatest pleasures. It is my passion to give all new parents the needed resources and guidance when faced with any nursing issue.

I personally believe strongly in the whole body approach. It is the mind, soul and body that needs tending. I understand that it takes a village to raise a child and I wish to be part of your village in succeeding. It is an privilege to work with you and walk with you on your journey into nursing.

Co-president of Breastfeeding Mothers Counsel of Oregon (NMC) - current
Member of Oregon Washington Lactation Association (OWLA) -since 2011
Member of International Lactation Association (ILCA) since 2011