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In Greek mythology Artemis (also know as the Roman goddess Diana) was the daughter of Zeus. Leto having a bold and romantic affair with Zeus, quickly became pregnant with twins. Hera, the wife of Zeus, discovered their indiscretion and sent a giant deadly python after Leto. Leto was then forced to flee and give birth on the run to her twin children. Artemis being born first, quickly recognized the peril and fatigued state of her Mother. She went straight to work and became the first midwife assisting in the birth of her very own brother, Apollo. It was clear through Artemis’s life that she was literally born to serve as a nurturer and protector. She spent her time surrounded by her nymphs caring for the underserved and protecting life in all forms. She also became known as the protector of children, and of women by frequently attending births and caring for mothers nursing their babies. Her spirit remained wild and carefree never to be tamed but to follow her calling. Artemis became well known as the "Goddess of Light”.

She is often depicted carrying a candle or torch, lighting the way for others, leading them through territories yet uncharted. She illuminates those places that terrify us and lends us her strength to bring us safely through our fears.